Sharkbite Studios
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Sharkbite Studios has been making music in Oakland since 1994.  All manner of music and musicians have been through our doors, and we like it that way.  The 5,000 square foot facility, designed by Charles Rook, is made up of a large “A” room based around a Trident TSM, and a smaller Mix room, featuring a Digidesign Icon.  Studio A consists of large live and control rooms, three iso booths of varying sizes, and a lounge.  Sharkbite Mix is a single control room weighing in at about 560 square feet.  While mostly built for in-house mixing, it is also capable of handling minor overdubs and can comfortably seat large groups during mixdown.

Rooms and gear are great, but don’t mean much without talented people.  Check out our Staff page for bios on some of the excellent engineers, producers and musicians who work here.

Not interested in people?  Just gotta peruse a gear list?  Knock yourself out at our Equipment page.

Beyond the recording studio proper, Sharkbite also hosts several other creative businesses, which you can read more about in the Co-conspirators section of this website.  Additionally, our sister business Jack London Rehearsal is next door with 34 rooms of rehearsal space for Bay Area musicians.  Our mission is to be a creative hub for music and art in Oakland. 

Located at Jack London Square in Oakland CA, we are easily accessible from any part of the bay area or for that matter, the world, with freeways, BART and Oakland International all just minutes away. Movie theaters, fine and not so fine dining, and the ferry to San Francisco are blocks away.